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Welcome to the website of the Social Science Statistics Center. One of the primary goals of the Center is to provide statistical consulting and expertise to persons from other departments throughout the MU campus.

The Social Science Statistic Center was created in 2003 to enhance statistical consulting and collaboration for the faculty, students and staff of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

It is also tasked with providing statistical software support. The Center has five employees who have a wide variety of interests and diverse areas of expertise. The team offers the following services:

  • Application of cutting-edge statistical methods to new research questions.
  • Development of new statistical techniques that better suit the data structure.
  • Assistance with application of existing statistical techniques.
  • Methodological and computing assistance for persons who are conducting graduate research or preparing grant proposals.
  • Statistical computing assistance, such as help with installation, coding, and/or debugging computer programs such as SAS, SPSS, and R.
307 Middlebush
Department of Statistics
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

The staff of the Social Science Statistics Center teaches several short courses as part of our education and training component. To learn more, go to Training link on the left.


Lori A. Thombs, Ph.D.
Director of SSSC

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