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The Social Science Statistics Center offers several types of consulting services.

Software Consulting: Statistical Software Support Outreach

Get help using the Statistical Software packages at the Statistical Software Support Outreach. At the Outreach, you can receive expert, hands-on, one-on-one instruction in the use of The SAS System or SPSS. Come to learn, ask questions, or to do your statistical software work in an environment where help is available.

Outreach services are free of charge and available to all MU faculty, staff, and students. No appointment necessary.

Location 8 Middlebush Hall

Summer Hours
3 to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Statistical Consulting

If your questions are of a more statistical nature, the Outreach now has a statistical consulting referral program. Members of the Social Science Statistics Center are available to consult on a wide variety of topics including choice of statistical method and results interpretation.

Statistical Consulting services are free of charge and available to all MU graduate and undergraduate students performing independent research (i.e., Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Master's Thesis, Dissertation or similar) and instructors (i.e., faculty or Graduate Teaching Assistant) wishing assistance in designing a classroom exercise.

To schedule a virtual appointment with a Statistical Consultant, please use our convenient form or email Lada Micheas .

Advanced Statistical Consulting

This service is available to all faculty at the University of Missouri. Services include study design, sampling issues, computational aspects, software advice, power and sample size calculations, and choice of appropriate research methodology.

Due to the size of our staff, we do ask that our clients keep the number of repeat visits on the same problem to a minimum. However, we do not want to turn away those who need intensive help. Generally, each client will receive 3 meetings free of charge, after which some form of payment may be necessary. The Center staff member assigned to a problem will provide the client with written recommendations, briefly describing the problem, followed by an appropriate statistical solution.

Our regular services include an initial meeting (in person, e-mail or phone) and a reasonable number of follow-up questions. If your project requires a substantial contribution of statistical consultant time, and you plan to publish your results, please consider including your consultant as a co-author of your paper.

Statistical consulting is also available for clients outside the university on a fee-for-service basis.

Researchers are encouraged to make contact with the Center during the initial stage of a grant or study.

To schedule an appointment with a Statistical Consultant, please use our convenient form or email Dr. Thombs.